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Mission Opportunities in 2022

YWAM Series 23 specializes in organizing custom mission and service trips. Here in San Pedro de Macoris, we have a wide range of community & Christian mission’s opportunities and we can partner your team with local Church, governmental and community organizations. With them we coordinate all the local logistics of providing a customized outreach suitable for you and your team.

Refurbish a community Church, street evangelism, marriage counseling, kids & youth programs, TV & radio opportunities, and much more are all part of what we do at YWAM Series 23.

With global travel restrictions being lifted, and through the use of Covid-19 protocols we can receive teams and conduct outreaches. If you are looking for a location to serve in 2022 we would love to discuss options with you.
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Concerned about traveling, but still want to help? Contact us today to discuss a missions donation.
Email: info@ywamseries23.org